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4350 Franklin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA, 90027
United States

(323) 610 0670

A celebration of the nightclub that, for 20 years, offered a subversive collision of performance, music, fashion, masquerade and fun!



A LIST of SOME OF RUDOLPHO'S theme nights


January - The Inaugural Ball

February - The Karen Black-Valentine Ball

March - Night Of A Zillion Jans

April - Attack Of The Living Dead Idols (Dueling Bankheads performance)

May - Senior Prom Luau

June - Vegas In Space

July - Hot Pants Sexplosion

August - Pajamarama (Jackie Beat debut performance)

September - Lipstick Avengers

October - Dragstrip 666 (Halloween)

November - Rock & Roll Drag Bar (Pussy Tourette & Pansy Division live)

December - Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra Ice Queens (with Kitten Natividad)


January - First Anniversary

April - USA Network "Up All Night" (Egyptian Theme)

May - Bedrock A Go-G0

July - Muscle Beach Bikini Party 

September - Gypsies, Waifs & Thieves

October -  Glen Or Glenda? 

November - New Toy 80's Theme 

December - White Trash Christmas


January -  2nd Anniversary (Miss Dragstrip 66 Pageant)

February - Love Hurts Valentine (Extra Fancy live performance)

March - Bewitched, Bedraggled & Bedazzled

May - Naughty Nurses

December - Love Boat Christmas


February - Love Your Hat, Girl (Lance Loud interview)

March - Big Top Drag Queen

April -  Dungeons 'N Drag Queens

May - Golden Grrrls Garden Gala

June - Helen Wheels Rockin' Roller Derby

July - All That Drag

August -  Girls In Prison

September -  Star Trik

December -  Mi Navidad Loca  


February - St. Valentine's Day Mascara

March - Forever Barbie's Baby Doll Sleep Over

April - Pink Flamingos

May -  Florence of Arabia

August - Biker Chicks In Trannie Town

September - Mars Needs Drag Queens

October - Dragula

December - Solid Gold Christmas


January - 5th Anniversary (Holly Woodlawn live performance)

February -  St. Valentine's Day Massacre Ball

March - Ladies Of The 80's (Jane Wiedlin guest judge)

April - Catholic School Girls (Joey Arias live performance)


July - Trailer Trash Love Shack

September - Psycho Nurse Asylum (Jane Wiedlin guest judge)

December - How The Pimp Stole Xmas


August - Surfin' Safari

October -  Brides Of Frankenstein

December - Ab Fab Christmas


January - Nine Lives (9th Anniversary)

February - Mi Corazon Loca

April - Turban Renewal

May - Golden Girls vs. The Facts of Life

June - Jocks and Frocks