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4350 Franklin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA, 90027
United States

(323) 610 0670

A celebration of the nightclub that, for 20 years, offered a subversive collision of performance, music, fashion, masquerade and fun!


A celebration of the nightclub that, for 20 years, offered LOS ANGELES
a subversive collision of performance, fashion, MUSIC, masquerade and fun.


Prior to 1993, best friends and club promoters Mr. Dan (aka Gina Lotriman) and DJ Paul V. had launched a few club nights that never really caught fire. Then, they opened the doors of Dragstrip 66 at Rudolpho’s in Silver Lake, and it was like a bomb exploded. For an incredible 20 years, it was a raucous bacchanal where all who entered were part of the performance.

Once a month, a neighborhood Mexican restaurant on a nondescript corner in Silver Lake, Los Angeles was transformed into a beloved destination for music, dance, fashion and performance art. More than just a dance club, Dragstrip 66 was an irreverent and decadent celebration of self-expression, community, and imagination that invited everyone to participate in its misfit-inspired magic.

Were you the strange kid whose parents put you in the basement to play during parties?
Well, Dragstrip 66 was the place where all the strange kids were put in the basement to party together!
Creative monthly themes inspired an explosion of spectacular, imaginative cross-dress and newly-minted personas.

Think John Waters directing KISS and The Ramones as styled by Bob Mackie and Goodwill.

Dragstrip 66 was the safe party space where people were encouraged to let their hair down - or tease it up.
To ‘Dress a mess and get in for less!’  Fierce drag queens, queer rockers, muscle boys and celebrities all turned out to rock the dance floor, and the Midnight stage shows featured performance icons like Jackie Beat, Sharon Needles, Mink Stole, Sabrah Summers, Momma, Joey Arias, Varla Jean Merman, Kay Sedia and countless others.

Despite having to leave Rudolpho’s in 2004, Dragstrip 66 has remained a must-attend event to this day.
This history-marking "Frockumentary" looks at the pre-social media, mid 1990’s and the compelling conditions that inspired a talented group of friends to build what would become an iconic venue of the gay community in Los Angeles.

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and revisit the electric nights and trail-blazing performers who created a theatrical provocation of song, comedy and camp. And go behind the scenes as two friends organize a fond farewell event for this iconic nightclub.